Your dogs second home

Your dog will have its own secure, fully heated, comfortable kennel. We are also pleased to offer accommodation for family groups thus ensuring continued companionship. The bed and cosy bedding provided will naturally be scrupulously washed and disinfected before use. Guests are welcome though to bring along their own bedding and toys. A radio in the kennels helps provide the type of background noises associated with home life.

Spacious Heated Kennels

We ensure that your dog is accommodated in a roomy and warm secure kennel, with disinfected clean bedding provided (though you are welcome to bring your own bedding for your dog). Our kennels are well-lit and ventilated.

Walks and Exercise

Dogs staying at Wellington Farm Kennels & Cattery will be given three field walks per-day as well as time to run around off the lead in our exercise paddock. We understand that it is important for a dog to get their exercise!

Quality Top-Brand Dog Food

Here at Wellington Farm Kennels & Cattery we recognize the importance of good nutrition. As such we keep a stock of top-brand dog food. We are happy and willing to cater for any special dietary requirements your dog may have.

Vaccinations: All guests must have up-to-date vaccinations. Kennel Cough Immunization is also required, which must be requested from your Vet as it is not included with the annual booster. A valid certificate must be produced before admission.